I have extensive experience in presenting in all areas of assistive technology.


I can work with you to customize a presentation to match your needs.

I am well versed in:

  • Live presentations
  • On line (both synchronous and asynchronous)
  • Hybrid courses
  • Half day / Full day trainings
  • 2 – 5 day extensive in-depth technology workshops
  • On-going professional development activities to build AT capacity within your organization

I have presented nationally and internationally on a variety of topics, including a 2 day live training event titled AT Bootcamp: Assessment delivered to the staff of the MADA Assistive Technology Center in Doha, Qatar.

I was a key member of the team that developed and delivered the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP), a hybrid 100 hour certificate course in assistive technology from the Center on Disabilities at California State University, Northridge. For more information about the ATACP, visit the website.

Recent Presentations

Below are some links to past presentations and web based content delivery pages I have developed to support my presentations:

January 2015

1/7/15 – New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative (NJECC) – Montclair, NJ

  • Session: Google Chrome Supports for Struggling Students

1/27/15 – 1/31/15 – Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) – Orlando FL

  • Two Day Pre-Conference: AT Bootcamp
  • Session: Universal Design for Employment (UDE)
  • Session: Job Accommodation Smackdown
  • Session: Professional Development Smackdown
  • Session: Google Chrome as Assistive Technology
  • Session: AT Town Hall
  • Session: App Smackdown
  • Session: Innovative Practices in Professional Development

1/31/15 – edcampAccess International @ ATIA 2015

  • Organizing Event + Presenting

February 2015

2/5/15 –  New Jersey Council for Exceptional Children (NJCEC) Annual Conference – Ramapo, NJ

  • Session: Chrome Supports for Struggling Students
  • Session: Let’s Talk About Text to Speech

June 2015

6/17/15 – AT Conference, Lexington KY

  • Sessions:
  • Google Chrome as AT
  • Universal Design for Employment
  • Technology Beyond the Classroom

7/12/15 – 7/13/15 – “Putting AT to Work” AZ TAP 17th Annual Conference – Phoenix, AZ

  • Full day pre-conference: Create your own Digital Materials
  • Session: Universal Design for Employment

7/14/15 – Summer Tech Camp; Vernon School District, Vernon, NJ

  • Keynote Speaker
  • Sessions
    • UDL in the Classroom
    • Chromebook Apps and Supports for all learners

August 2015

8/1/15 – edcamp Global (on-line event)

  • Session: Assistive Technology Supports in K-12 education (Twitter chat #atchat)

8/5/15 – Chromecamp South Jersey; Belhaven Middle School, Linwood NJ

8/13/15 – TeachMeet NJ 2015; Stockton University, NJ

  • Session: Chrome Supports for Struggling Students
  • Session: Let’s Talk Text to Speech

10/4/15 – Learning Disabilities of New Jersey Conference; Rutgers University, Piscataway, NJ

  • Session: Supporting Reading and Writing with Chrome (proposed)

10/5/15 – Disability and Employment Conference; Raritan Valley Community College, Branchburg, NJ

  • Session: Assistive Technology in the Workplace (Session Moderator)

10/12/15 – 10/16/15 – Closing the Gap Annual Conference – Minneapolis, MN

  • Full day pre-conference: Not an iPad! Focus on Android and Chrome Mobile Devices
  • Session: Smart Data, Safe Students: Harnessing Data While Protecting Student Privacy

10/17/15 – Edscape Conference – Woodbridge High School, Woodbridge, NJ

  • Session: Chrome Supports for Struggling Students

10/24/15 – Technology in Special Education Summit, NYSCATE – Schenectady, NY

  • Session: Chrome as Assistive Technology
  • Session: Twitter 101 – PD Anywhere, Anytime!

11/4/15 – 11/5/15 – PATINS Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN

  • Full day session: AT Bootcamp
  • Session: Google Chrome as AT

11/19/15 – 11/20/15 – AT Conference of New England, RI

  • Full day pre conference: Google Chrome Bootcamp
  • Session: Become a Digital Publisher – Create Your Own Engaging Materials for Students and Adults

11/22/15 – 11/24/15 – NYSCATE Annual Conference, Rochester NY

  • Session: Chrome Supports for Struggling Students

January 2016

1/13/16 – NJECC Annual Conference, Montclair NJ

  • Session: Chrome Supports for Struggling Students
  • Session: Technology Beyond the Classroom

February 2016

2/2/16 – 2/6/16 – Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) Conference, Orlando, FL

  • Full Day pre-conference: AT Bootcamp Day 1
  • Full Day pre-conference: Google Chrome Bootcamp
  • Sessions:
    • Town Hall Meeting: Transition (Moderator)
    • Town Hall Meeting: Assistive Technology (Panel Member)
    • Innovative Practices in Professional Development 2016
    • Technology Beyond the Classroom
    • Professional Development Smackdown
    • App Smackdown!
    • Google Chrome as AT
  • edcampAccess International 2016
    • Event Organizer
    • Sessions: TBD

2/8/16 – 2/9/16 – Assistive Technology Now! Conference, Salem OR

  • Session: Chrome Supports for Struggling Students
  • Session: Technology Beyond the Classroom
  • Session: Use What You Have: Built in Accessibility Features

June 2016

6/8/16 – LATI Summer Summit Assistive Technology Conference, Alexandria, LA

  • Session: The Future is Now! Technology for All
  • Session: Technology Beyond the Classroom
  • Session: Chrome as Assistive Technology

6/10/16 – 16th Employment Supports Symposium, Philadelphia, PA

  • For presentation materials, visit the Event Page

6/26/16 – 6/29/16 – International Society for Technology in Education ISTE – Denver, CO

  • Session: Using Chrome Apps to Harness Smart Data for Struggling Readers and Writers

November 2016

11/17/16 – 11/18/16 – Assistive Technology Conference of New England (ATCNE) – Rhode Island

  • Full Day Session: Access for ALL: AEM, OER and Digital Publishing Tools
  • Session: Let’s Talk About Chrome!
  • Session: Build Your Network with Social Media

11/28/16 – 12/1/16 – Christa McAullife Technology Conference – Manchester, NH

  • Full Day Session: The Assistive Technology Top 10: What You Need to Know!
  • Session: Tools, Tips and Tricks to Support Struggling Students
  • Session: Let’s Talk Chrome
  • Session: IoT & AT: The Internet of Things and Assistive Technology
  • Interactive Playground: Inclusive Technology Playground

Building Books Page by Page: Becoming Your Own Digital Publisher – This session from ATIA 2014 focused on tools used to create a host of accessible digital materials.

Chrome as AT – This session from ATIA 2014 focused on Google Chrome apps and extensions used for struggling students.

App Attack – This site is used to support iPad training and provide a basic understanding BEYOND the apps! Focus instead is on feature matching and implementation.

Texas Assistive Technology Network (TATN) Statewide Conference – Region 4 ESC, Houston, TX

From My Classroom to Yours Conference – Stockton University, Pomona, NJ

Facing the Future Conference – Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities

AIM on the Go! Using Mobile Technology to Support Learning – This site explores the use of mobile learning devices and web / software based tools to provide accessible materials to students.

Everyday Technology . . . Unique Accommodations – This site is used to support a training that is frequently modified to suit the audience. Topics covered focus on using standard technology tools (iPads, ereaders, etc) to meet individual needs in home, school and work environments.

Reaching the Digital Immigrants – This site was from a presentation I conducted with Kirk Behnke and Jason Carroll at the 2012 ATIA conference.

Technology for Transition – This site was from a presentation to the New Jersey Rehabilitation Association (NJRA) annual conference. Focus of this presentation was tools to support students transitioning from High School to College.

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