About Me

Picture of Mike presenting in front of a group of professionals. Mike Marotta, ATP is the owner of Inclusive Technology Solutions, LLC. Mike has been the field of Assistive Technology for almost 30 years and his experience revolves around  a vast array of accommodations for persons with disabilities and their family/support members.  Mike believes that networking and information sharing are essential for successful evaluation, consideration, implementation and application of assistive technology. Mike was awarded the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Inclusive Learning Network Outstanding Educator award for 2017.

Mike has served as a statewide resource on assistive technology in New Jersey, New Hampshire, and in Massachusetts, and has coordinated information repositories, online resources, wikisites, blogs, podcast pages, and other internet based resources to enable easy access to correct and updated information on a timely basis to customers and stakeholders of assistive technology, in order to foster the development of an AT community and facilitate knowledge transfer.

The other area of expertise that Mike provides within the field of Assistive Technology is in training and program development. Mike was a key component in the development, delivery and success of the Assistive Technology Applications Certificate Program (ATACP) through California State University, Northridge. This 100 hour blended learning certificate course has over 3000 graduates that are now providing Assistive Technology services in a variety of settings both nationally and internationally. Mike was also part of the team that modified and delivered this training program internationally in Ireland and recently delivered a two-day Assistive Technology Assessment live program to AT service providers in Qatar.IMG_20170919_180822

Mike is instrumental in training the next generation of service providers through his work as a college instructor both at the pre-service and graduate level. Mike has been the instructor for SPED410 – Universal Design for Learning and Assistive Technology at Felician University (NJ) since the Fall of 2008, Assistive Technology in Education at Ramapo College of NJ, and also for ATHS-694 – Current and Emerging Topics in AT which was part of the Masters in AT program at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).

Mike is a nationally recognized speaker who has provided training at the local level as well as at the major national Assistive Technology conferences (ATIA, Closing the Gap, RESNA) in all areas of Assistive Technology. For all of these presentations, Mike develops accessible, interactive, Universally Designed, participant driven web experiences to extend the learning well beyond the training session. Not only does Mike deliver trainings at a host of national conferences, he also consults with Assistive Technology manufacturers and delivers accessible, specialized trainings to their customers.

IMG_1170Mike affects change on the field of Assistive Technology and collaborates with technology manufacturers through his work as a Strand Advisor for the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) annual conference. Previously in the Workplace and Vocational Rehabilitation strand and currently in the Everyday Technology strand, Mike works to review conference proposals and shape the educational program of this international conference in Assistive Technology.

As a content expert, Mike also helps shape the Future of Special Education track for the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) as well as provided webinars in the area of Assistive Technology both at a state level and national level (for ATIA, ISTE, AbleNet, Center on Technology and Disability).

Mike is very active in social media (especially Twitter @mmatp) where he uses the platforms to provide just in time professional development training to other professionals. Through his high profile on social media, Mike was selected by Google to be a beta tester for the next generation of Chromebook with added accessibility features for individuals with disabilities. This collaboration with a non-disability entity such as Google will promote the general public’s understanding of disabilities and supports to increase independence for all.

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