Chromebit Unboxing!



So exciting! I have been waiting since the summer for the Chromebit to come out and it finally arrived on my doorstep today. What is a Chromebit you ask? You could call it a Chromebook that looks like a USB drive.

What??? You haven’t heard of the Chromebit? Check out the info on the ASUS website.

Using this device – you can turn any HDMI enabled display (TV; projector) into a Chrome OS computer. All for $85!

Let’s Get This Connected!


In order to use the Chromebit, you need to have an external keyboard and mouse. The Chromebit is equipped with Bluetooth to connect to your peripherals and it also has a single USB port.

After researching the options for Bluetooth keyboards and mice – I went in a slightly different direction. I wanted to create a working solution that would be inexpensive for individuals and/or schools to duplicate. I found that many of the Bluetooth keyboards were a little pricey and required the purchase of a separate Bluetooth mouse.

Enter the Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard w/Built in Trackpad


I was able to get this Keyboard on sale via Amazon for $19.99! Well worth the cost and now I had a wireless keyboard / mouse combo to plug directly into the Chromebit. Keep this added expense in mind when purchasing the Chromebit.

Now the fun part – getting the Chromebit ready to connect to my TV.


Not many pieces to put together – the Chromebit, a power plug and an HDMI extender cable (in case you can’t fit the Chromebit into the ports on your display)


Simply remove the cap from the end of the Chromebit and plug it into your  display. In my case, I am connecting it to the flat panel TV in my office. I was able to simply plug the Chromebit directly into my TV – no need for the extender cable.




Plug the power adapter into the Chromebit and you are almost there! Now power up the TV, select the HDMI input and move on the the setup.



If you have ever setup a Chromebook – this setup is exactly the same. Connect to a WIFI network and select Language.


Sign in to your Google Account and that’s it. You have your device setup. Time from start to finish – less than 10 minutes. Now I have a 37″ Chromebook for my office!

Next Steps

Check out this article from Tech Republic, “5 Tips for Getting the Most out of Your ASUS Chromebit”.  These were really helpful once I was up and running.

Also, another consideration is connecting this Chromebit to other displays – specifically, I want to use this during presentations and connect it directly to the projector in the training room. That way I can travel and only have to carry the Chromebit, power supply and wireless keyboard. In order to do that, I will be working exclusively with the Chromebit at home to determine if I can use it for more heavy duty Chrome activities (you know….multiple tabs, different applications open simultaneously, and using some of our AT extensions.

If it works as well as I am hoping, I am planning to pick up one of these HDMI to VGA adapters which will let me plug the Chromebit directly into a projector via the VGA port.

More to come once I start using it.

Are you thinking of getting a Chromebit – share your experiences. I would love to hear how you are using it.

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